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Home Warranty Insurance – Citizens Insurance

home warranty insuranceMost often, a home warranty insurance plan will be included in the purchase of a home as an incentive, for one year or more. In this case, the buyer is protected from unforeseen major breakdowns such as the heating unit, water heater, and stove. Home insurance is often bought in conjunction with homeowners insurance and is fairly reasonable, with a sound policy only costing a few hundred dollars per year. A new owner will keep the homeowners warranty protection because it is so cheap, and the cost is already budgeted for it.

What is Home Warranty Insurance

First of all, a home guarantee is not and should not be equated to home insurance. Home warranty insurance coverage only applies to particular major items installed in your home such as a heater, electrical systems, gas stove, and so on that relates to the maintenance of your house. On the other hand, homeowners insurance covers the actual structure of your home and provides full protection against damage that can occur such as a fire.

Also, home mortgage companies require buyers to purchase homeowners insurance to insure the risk they have made with the loan. Although home warranty firms are not technically insurers, they are regulated by the department of insurance in every state. Previously you buy any coverage, be sure to check reviews for all the companies you have received a quote from the enterprise. Make sure the corporation has a good reputation for paying claims in full and on time. Get a free home insurance quote now and get instant savings on home warranty protection.

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Technically speaking, home warranty insurance is not insurance but is similar in that a buyer pays a fee or set price for protection against a major, costly repair or replacement. Some people think this added warranty expense is just a complete ripoff, but ask yourself a couple of simple questions first. If your heating unit or air conditioning unit went out, do you have an additional $3,000 or $4,000 saved to cover such a big cost? If not, it might be wise to get this added protection.

Some policies can be purchased for only $200 per year or less, so it is not as expensive as you might think. Also, if you are acquiring a home that is much older and has very used heating or air conditioning units, then it is smart to get home warranty insurance protection, as the odds of a major breakdown are so much higher.

One common complaint customers often have with home insurance companies is for service. Most companies require the customer to get repairs or replacements done with repair providers approved by the enterprise. This can be frustrating if a client knows of a better repairman or someone who is more trustworthy. Most often, though, the home warranty insurer uses qualified repair personnel, and customers are satisfied.

Home Warranty Insurance Quotes

Just like in home insurance, there are many plans and options to consider when buying home warranty protection. Make sure you get the plan that only covers what you need, so you do not pay for additional coverage. Some expensive plans will cover you for pools and even Jacuzzis. However, if you do not have these on your property, then you are throwing your money away.

Most basic home warranty plans are sufficient to cover the most important items in your home such as plumbing systems and the stove. However, if you want complete coverage, you can also get more covered, including your A/C, garage door and smaller appliances such as the dishwasher. Get home warranty coverage that best fits your needs and get multiple quotes to compare the best rates.

Getting home warranty insurance quotes is fast and easy. Just go online and compare various rates in just five minutes. Get started online now and check for special discounts that could save you even more.